"Chuanghui Lake" Developers’ Forum on Big Data Artificial Intelligence and 5G Successfully Held

The 2019 "Chuanghui Lake" Forum on big data artificial intelligence and 5G industry application and technology, hosted by School of Software  Engineering USTC, was successfully held in the Weizhen Building on  November 2, 2019.



This forum focused on big data and artificial intelligence, combining with 5G and other hot issues, which provided a platform for participants to discuss how to enhance the independent research and development of practical application capabilities of big data artificial intelligence. The forum discussed and analyzed current development trends and industrial environment of artificial intelligence and 5G from diverse  perspectives, endeavoring to promote innovation in those fields. At the  same time, the forum provided start-up companies, the college students and other young developers in SIP with an insight on the current status of the industry so as to benefit their future learning and career development.


Experts and professionals from both the research institutes and industry enterprises attended the forum and gave speeches, such as Mr. Tu Jing,  Executive Deputy Dean of the Suzhou Research Institute of USTC; Mr. Wang Yang, Deputy Dean of the School of Software Engineering of USTC; Ms.  Sun Juan, Assistant President of Dushu Lake Entrepreneurship University;  Xie Xike, Professor of USTC; Mr. Tong Xianming, founder and CEO of Minerva, a company specialized in Natural Language Processing, etc.  Alumni of the School of Software Engineering of USTC, now backbones of  various companies also attended the forum, such as Mr. Cheng Zhe, a senior technical expert of Alibaba's Xianyu technology department; Mr.  Zhang Shibin, founder and CEO of Suzhou White Dove Cloud Technology.



Mr.  Tu Jing delivered the opening speech. He said that nowadays the big data has penetrated into all aspects of economic and social development,  research in the fields of artificial intelligence and 5G helps to coordinate with national big data strategies, accelerate the training of industrial talents, promote the improvement of innovative thinking,  practical ability and collaborative ability, and establish a professional discussion and integrated innovation system. Meanwhile, he emphasized that we should utilize the new generation of information technology represented by the Internet, Big Data and artificial  intelligence, and grasp the opportunities as well as strengthen the  independent research and development ability and practical application  capabilities of students' big data and artificial intelligence.



Next, Professor Xie Xike of USTC made a keynote speech. The forum also invited speakers from companies like Alibaba, Minerva, Wendao Network, Yuncong Technology, ZTE, China Mobile Suzhou Research Institute and other well-known enterprises, giving speeches on NLP, HD image processing, the application of artificial intelligence in digital marketing, TaoBao promotion page content recognition technology, the opportunities and challenges of network transformation in the 5G era,  and how artificial intelligence can promote the development of 5G networks.


The forum was closed with the roundtable discussion in which 6 distinguished guests were invited to discuss further about AI and 5G  combined with their expertise in the related fields.